September 29th, 2005

Spring child

Good day

Writing in English as I`m too lazy to use or bring my own PC. Well, it was a great day. Maybe someone can say I have no reasons to say so but I really liked it. I liked the teachers whose lessons we attended today, think they were very nice. I just didn`t like a question one of them asked: what if you`re walking in the mountains with your little child and suddenly see a hungry bear? What will you do to protect your child? And she asked us to SHOW it. One had to be a bear and another one -- a woman with a child.... German and Korean students showed something but you know, practically it was no use at all. Such actions wouldn`t help you to protect your child and especially yourself.... So it`s just like commiting suicide... I tried to show that i want to run away but she didn`t get it and decided that Russian students can do nothing....

It may sound strange, but I enjoyed today`s party as well. This party was held for us and German students. It was quite official, so we nearly had to wear black-and-white suits. I wrote my skirt I`ve already written about. Oh, wish I had time to submit my pics here! But I enjoyed talking with japanese students who are learning Russian. I spoke japanese for a long time at last! But... Well, all the students were girls...Hm..... Quite unfair! there aren`t many Russian guys learning japanese and japanese students are girls as well!! Really really unfair. And in the evening we went for hanabi (fireworks) Japanese guys invited us to take part in. I mean those fireworks people do by themselves. I remeber how great it was last year  and this year this was also really really sugoi (cool)! And also we sang songs from Russian cartoons ("Nichego na svete luchshe netu" and "Goluboy vagon") at this party. Some girls also wanted to sing the Russian anthem but fortunately we avoided it:)